Week 60: Vernon (1920 – 1996), by Phoebe Hesketh

I find this short spare poem of loss and grief more moving than many less restrained elegies.

Vernon (1920 – 1996)

I talk to you
and listen…

I run to meet you;
the distance exceeds miles.
A faraway church
rises from the trees
to spire the sky.

Impossible to live without you;
I will live on
in the great spaces
till the sun
burns down around us
in a ring of light.

Phoebe Hesketh

4 thoughts on “Week 60: Vernon (1920 – 1996), by Phoebe Hesketh

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. If I can manage sometimes to put people in touch with a poem they value in this way, it makes the site worthwhile.

    • Thank you. Yes, I think she is one of a number of woman poets who for whatever reason haven’t had the attention they deserve, another being Molly Holden, a poet I love more than most.

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