26/07/2022 Finally got round to replacing the rather dated home page photo of me with one not quite so dated. Also got round to changing the ‘Quick Sample’.

29/03/2019 My ‘Collected Poems 1965-2018’ has now been published and can be obtained direct from Greenwich Exchange at , or ordered through bookshops. This has 280 pages and contains all but a very few of the poems published in my previous collections, plus a number of previously unpublished poems and translations written since 2013.

21/9/2013 My latest collection of poems ‘No Through Road’ is now available from Greenwich Exchange: go to and flip through the book selection or search by author.

A reminder that earlier works including the previous volume ‘New and Selected Poems 1965-2005’ can be purchased from me directly; if interested email me at

19/7/2013. I have now added a ‘Quick Sample’ page featuring just one poem from my published work, which I’ll change fairly often.

16/06/2014. A selection of sixty of my poems, entitled ‘The Tree of Frost’ and drawn from my first six books, is now available for Kindle from the Amazon Kindle store.


The UK price is around £1.22 (depending on the prevailing exchange rate).

25/06/2014 Ha, I seem to have won something… my poem ‘One afternoon of heat the express train…’ has been awarded first prize in the Adlestrop Poetry Competition held to commemorate the centenary of Edward Thomas’s poem. Details, including my poem for anyone interested, can be seen at and is also currently featuring on my ‘Quick Sample’ page.

2 thoughts on “News

  1. I still come back to your poem re: the Centenery of Addlestrop!

    I’m in Damascus right now, & with time to reflect! It’s an inspirational piece of expression & a truly worthy sequel, 100 + on, to a national treasure! You are so distinguished to be the poet chosen by Him above, the Muse Almighty, or whatever inspiration struck, to pass on the beacon!!!!! Your poem is truly worthy & amazing! Thank you for your gift!!!!!!

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